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New Look - 8/1/02
"The Lonely Grill" will be 2 years old come October, so I thought it was time for a new layout. Let me know what you think!

Baby Britt Arrives! - 7/15/02

Michael and Rene' Britt are the proud parents of Ethan Michael Britt born today, July 15 at 2:42 p.m. weighing in at 8 lbs. 12 oz. Mom, baby and DAD are all doing fine! Rumour has it Lonestar's lead guitarist has already scheduled guitar lessons for little Ethan! Congratulations!!!!

- www.lonestar.mu

Not A Day Goes By - 7/12/02
Lonestar's latest single from the I'm Already There CD, "Not A Day Goes By," continues to be the subject of emails from fans relating how the song has affected them and how they identify with it. This song is the third single, following "I'm Already There" and "With Me," from the CD and is now at #4 on RR and #3 on Billboard.

Simple words can't reflect entirely my thankfulness and how much I give special thanks for having answered to my ask because of this practically hopeless case.

The video production for this video was a bit different for the band. In their past videos, Richie, Dean, Michael and Keech have been filmed playing their instruments and singing, but each band member takes an acting role this time out.

When shooting commenced at a Nashville location recently, lead singer Richie McDonald arrived at the set to be introduced to his "former love interest" of the video. Amazingly, the two already knew each other, since actress Tasha Green's husband, Marv Green, was one of the trio of writers on the group's multi-format hit, "Amazed."

Among the spectators watching the filming was one of the writers of "Not A Day Goes By," Steve Diamond, who had stopped by to see his words come to life in video. Instead, he was pressed into action and appears as an extra in the video.

If the video looks like a visual masterpiece, that's because renowned painter, Lawrence Carroll, whose works grace the walls of prestigious museums throughout the world, exchanged his canvas and easel for a turn at directing. Carroll's creative genius captured all four seasons on film despite torrential flooding rains in Nashville. Nearly a foot of water covered the location where the video was being filmed, and crews were forced to work around the clock to pump the water out and keep the heat and humidity to a comfortable level. Carroll may have established his reputation as a painter, but he's no novice to directing videos; his award-winning credits include works by Jewel and Counting Crows.

- www.lonestar.mu

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